Multilateral Youth Exchange CLOWNS WITH BORDERS will engage 42 participants from Hungary, Slovenia, Greece, United Kingdom, Italy, France and Croatia. It will take place in Bela krajina from 20. to 29. June 2016. The youth exchange will focus on bringing laughter and freedom to the Schengen border of European Union which recently witness many difficulties due to the wired fence that the governments put on the border territory to prevent uncontrolled refugee flow. The aim of the project is to bring together young people with interest in circus/ theatre performing, clowning, storytelling, video making and compose a Caravan that would visit the villages along the border between Metlika and Adlešiči, which are known by local's hospitality and surrounded by beautiful nature. The caravan will bring life, vitality, joy, laughter and humour in the villages which recently got affected by the wired fence.Beside, we would tackle the civil rights issues, make a documentary video essay, make interviews with locals along the way and take care that stories from the margins reach the centre(s). Youth exchange will raise awareness about recent border issues related to controling the refugee flow which opens up many questions of democracy, human and environmental rights and free access to the common goods. As we believe that laughter is the best way to fight fear, we will tackle the subjects that are raising deep concern all over Europe, but in a way that will strenghten our inner resilience and ability to be creative, to learn and prosper. This is especially important because many participants of the exchange derives from socially deprived backgrounds, such as Roma, immigrants and young people with economic obstacles. We will make events such as storytelling evening, circus stunts and press conference and invite all stakeholders in the region and broader. Short video films that participants will made during the exchange will be distributed through web channels and social platform networks. The activities will be a framework of gaining 8 key competences of lifelong learning through which our deep intention for creating a more solidary, inclusive Europe will be formed.