Cooking workshops motivate children to gain practical skills, creativity and critical thinking. Hands-on activities raise awareness about the importance of short chains between producers and consumers and their positive impact on the environment, health and the local economy. Children discover the hidden aspects of seasonal and locally grown food, breaking prejudices and prove that the local / seasonal food is not necessarily boring, monotonous, not too tasty and hard to make. Ingredients are exclusively bought from small producers in our local environment. Cooking and educational workshops are designed for different age levels, capabilities and interests of children.

Duration: 2-4 lessons

Suitable for: groups, elementary school, birthdays ...



Bread baking workshops are specifically designed for preschool and elementary level. Children get a chance to bake their own bread and experience the whole process of bread baking, from grain to delicious hand-made loaf. After initial conversation about the meaning of bread children transform make their own flour, using the wooden grinding mill. Time quickly passes as they are having fun with kneading and shaping, singing songs about bread and even dancing a bread song. Children are strongly involved in the whole process of work, for we believe that a good learning experience is a creative process that involves all senses.