MIGRANTOUR New Roots: intercultural walks building bridges for newcomers active participation”


January 2018 - December 2019

International migration is increasingly characterised by transnational traits that create strong linkages between different places and cultures and that impact, in particular, the routes and spaces of urban migration. From this observation sprung the idea of promoting a form of responsible tourism at kilometre zero that envisages as its protagonists, fellow citizens of sometimes very different backgrounds.

The idea first became reality in 2010 when Milano’s ACRA and Turin’s Viaggi Solidali spread their know-how to Genoa, Florence, Rome, Marseille, Paris, Valencia and Lisbon. Given the success and level of interest in the first phase, and the replication of similar experiences in other Italian and European cities, Oxfam Italia, ACRA-CCS and Viaggi Solidali supported the development of a European network of Migrant Cities united by a single Migrantour.

In 2018, the network developed a new project entitled ‘New Roots - intercultural walks building bridges for newcomers active participation’ in order to furher spread the knowledge, upgrade existing routes and develop new ones. With Terra Vera as one of the project partner’s, Ljubljana got a chance to participate, enabling visitors of old and new generations, tourists, locals, students and the plain curious to discover, through the words of migrants, its many secrets – large and small – unknown to even born and bred locals.

The project “New Roots: Intercultural walks building bridges for newcomers active participations is promoted by Fondazione ACRA-CCS, Viaggi Solidali, Oxfam Italia, Bastina Voyages (France), Renovar a Mouraria (Portugal), AlterBrussels (Belgium) and co-financed by the European Union. In ten cities (Milan, Turin, Genoa, Florence, Naples, Rome, Paris, Brussels, Lisbon and Ljubljana) there will be training courses and research on multicultural neighbourhoods. New tours, workshops and walks for schools and citizens will be mapped out and communications campaigns carried out at local and international levels.

The objective is to support the integration of migrant citizens into the ten participating cities, building mutual comprehension and respect. The development of a European network is the means for scaling up the impact of the initiative and guaranteeing the the spread of good practice. The idea of this project is also conceived as a way to give an added source of income for disadvantaged people, often from developing countries. The guides are not therefore meant to be licensed, professional tourist guides but rather intercultural companions, selected and trained to manage educational tours on intercultural themes.

We are looking forward to train people living in Ljubljana and newcomers to become alternative guides for our world city trips in Ljubljana. If you are of migrant background, speak Slovene and/or English and are eager to explore multicultural junctions of Ljubljana's past and present, embedding it in your new career opportunity, contact drustvo.terravera@gmail.com
Educational training is free of charge!


Training course is a part of the project New Roots - Migrantour intercultural walks building bridges for active participation, co-financed by AMIF EU fund.