Bread bakers

Bread-baking workshops for children

With bread-baking workshops, which were particularly designed for kindergartens and schools, we reached out to children the process of bread baking by starting from grain seeds to baking delicious dough ball. After the introductory presentation of the bread, children grinded grain into flour at the millstone and afterwards kneaded it into dough by hands. The time passed quickly with millstone rumbling, children making their hands sticky, kneading and shaping the dough into the ball and to spice up the whole atmosphere a bit, we entertained ourselves with songs, folk tales and dance, of course everything in the spirit of baking bread. Children were constantly involved in the process of learning, as we strongly believed that an excellent learning experience was a part of a creative process, which had to include all senses.We were aware of the importance to bring closer the values of local self-sufficient supply and creativity to our children with the use of simple methods. This was the only way (and of course with joined forces) to bring up generations, which will be independent of consumers’ ideologies and moreover, less vulnerable in the times of economic crisis.

Duration: 2 – 3 periods