Fair trade Chocolate

'CHOCOLATE AND ETHICHS' represented the interactive programme of lectures and workshops, which were 2 periods long. Using visual support in the first lesson, we introduced harsh cultural history of this sweet treat, its relation to colonialism, slavery and child exploitation. Furthermore, we discussed the initiatives and products of fair trade, which supported quality life and fair prices paid to the cocoa producers and cultivation of cocoa without having any harmful effects on the environment and health (organic, sustainable agriculture). Afterwards students were invited to participate in the workshop of global learning called ‘The one who likes chocolate, take one step further’. Through the process of playing the game, students internalized destiny of children by putting themselves in their shoes, experiencing different life circumstances and coming from various social contexts, all of them linked with the production of cocoa/ chocolate. At the end of the workshop all students were given chocolate bars from fair-trade shop 3 MUHE.
Duration: 2 periods, activity might be prolonged with practical cooking workshop in which students made their own chocolate from basic ingredients.
Suitable for: students of 2. and 3. triad, in combination with school subjects like Civic Education and Ethics, History, Geography