Cooking workshops

By this programme - cooking workshops - we combined practical skills, creativity and critical thinking. We raised the awareness among children and young people about the importance of short food supply chain involving growers and consumers plus their positive contribution to the environment, health and local economy. We stimulated reflection and education of conscious consumption to people who understood how to appreciate the effort of local growers, thus contributed to larger volume of the local food self-sufficiency with their own practical engagement. Including children and youth we were discovering dimensions of seasonal/ locally produced food, countered prejudice attitudes and demonstrated that local/ seasonal food was not necessarily dull and monotone but rather tasty and easy to prepare. Collecting ingredients with the seasons provided inspiration, which offered countless combinations and thematically referred to current themes being discusses at school subjects. All the ingredients were entirely bought at small local producers. Cooking and educational workshops were designed according to different age groups, capability and interest of children.

Duration: 2 – 4 school periods