From a refugee to a neighbour: co-creation of multiculturalism

1. June - 25. October 2016

By the project »From a refugee to a neighbour« we established a platform for critical and creative reflection of women refugees and asylum seekers.

The main objective of the project was to create opportunities for women to actively co-create or individually draw up their media, public and social image. During this process the participants developed skills in the fields, being most manipulated by the media, policy makers and after all also public opinion. Within the framework of the project we implemented a succession of trainings, through which women gained their knowledge and competences covering topics such as active social inclusion, creativity, storytelling, cultural management, video production and e-materials (drafts related to the web page contents and designs). Through active involvement in organised activities we were stressing the importance of building personal contacts and connecting with the widest possible range of people, thus creating the environment that enabled women refugees and asylum seekers to expand diversified social networks and through them intensify their potential and create new prospects for a better, quality life.

In this manner, the project enriched persons’ knowledge about women refugees and reinforced refugee integration, at the same time it fostered their cultural contribution, potential and creativity among other citizens and institutions. Engaged in this kind of activity we increased the level of social cohesion, what among other things also strengthened the gender equality in narrow family circle. Women refugees were given an opportunity to introduce public their knowledge, skills, perspectives, personal stories and true facts in a way that encouraged (self) reflection and flourished empathy. During this process the participants became active members of new social environment. Project aimed to support equal opportunities, gender equality, highlight the importance of social inclusion and interhuman solidarity, and above all strive to tackle social marginalisation of women refugees, who should be less frequently portrayed as passive victims in stereotypes. Project was co-financed by 'Gender equality' programme implemented by the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities. You may find additional information concerning the project on the following webpage: