Green cloth

Kostanjevica na Krki held from 22nd to 30th of June an international youth exchange called GREEN CLOTH, the outcome of close collaboration of Association for sustainable development Terra Vera (Kostanjevica na Krki, Slovenia) and Ekologika association (Zagreb, Croatia). By GREEN CLOTH exchange we actively aimed to include young people in the process of developing strategies for helping smaller farms on improving marketing crops and products, particularly emphasizing the importance of organic farming. We studied options for promotion, distribution and collaboration of stakeholders in the field of local food supply, required innovative approaches in terms of culinary heritage and introduction related to the examples of good practices concerning young people inclusion into sustainable development of European regions. Taking part in youth exchange, we collaborated with local residents of all generations, made some field work (we discussed about food preparation with the locals, filmed documentary about culinary heritage with audio/video devices ...), visited eco farm houses and conversed how to promote self-supply, include local culinary heritage in marketing of ecological products / crops and ethical economy. 'Complementary programme' covered workshop of baking bread in bread oven and traditional cakes 'cop na lop' (flat cake with cottage cheese), than workshop of medicinal plants recognition, trip to Carthusian monastery in Pleterje involving the presentation of self-supply and herbal practices of the monks and visit to young people from Roma village Kerinov grm, who not so long time ago held gardening initiative ‘Zgodbe šu vrtlo / Zgodbe z vrta' (Stories from the garden).

At the end, the initiative outcome was offered at press conference and in collaboration with local working group of country women; we set up a stand where visitors could taste desserts, discovered among old recipes during the international exchange week.