Let's sew together

Regular monthly workshops of creative textile recreation called Let’s sew together were held every second Saturday from 4 pm to 7 pm guided by Ina Čebular, having MA of Fine Arts in custom dressmaking and sewing. Workshops posed a challenge to everyone who was interested and attracted to sewing. Courses were intended for beginners as well as for those, who were already familiar with sewing techniques. You were welcomed to create your own products from your personal waste material brought to the ongoing workshop. If you were lacking in material, we could provide it for you.  If you owned a transportable sewing machine, you were of course kindly invited to bring it with you. If you didn’t own it, you were able to borrow it from us for free. Ina was your mentor and she introduced how to work with a sewing machine and through workshops we got familiar with creative methods of textile recreation. We learnt how to sew a bag, a pillow, an apron or improve any piece of your clothes with much artistic imagination ...
The price for 5-monthly package of workshops (from February to June) cost 30 EUROS. Payment was available after money orders in a single amount of money.
All the applications were invited to e-mail address drustvo.terravera@gmail.com.
We kindly ask you to forward this invitation to people having interest in workshops. Thank you!