Nature&Art for Kids

From 21-25 August 2017 summer plays came in the surroundings of Božidar Jakac Art Museum to take place under the shadows of treetops, on the banks of streams and edges of meadows. We were able to involve excellent young artists having specific skills needed to work with children which included characteristics of being professional, spontaneous, tension free and having sense for improvisation. Plays were held from Monday to Friday from 21-25 August, every day between 9am and 3pm. Applications were invited vie email For all additional information we were available on a mobile phone 031 613 519 (Jana). Participation in the workshops was partially financed by the People’s University of  Krško within the framework of the project Multigenerational centre of Posavje and was free of charge for all children. Regarding meal breaks for children, there was food exchange list for families to sign up in order to bring lunch to the ongoing workshops.
We learnt how to differentiate medicinal plants, make shelter in the woods, play natural instruments, take over the narrator’s role and try to tell the most magical fairy tales, slide down the chute in the woods, build houses for dwarfs and make paintings from natural materials and dreamcatchers to catch some good dreams. We climbed the trees and build crafts from branches. We learnt how to light a fire on which we grilled corn, potatoes and mini breads. In the mornings we gathered and headed ourselves to further explore nearby forest, meadow and stream and through the game became acquainted with animal, plant and magical inhabitants.
In the company of  Mateja Gorjup, a singer and co-creator of Slovenian folk musical tradition we discovered worlds of various sounds and music, embraced relaxed approach by playing games which involved a lot of movement, concentrated listening, dancing, playing music, socializing and singing. A large emphasis was put on broad opening of creativity field; children were encouraged to a complete understanding of the world and present time for which they needed to have open senses. We listened to the sounds of nature and discovered connections between colour, sound, smell and move. We heard everything what was being sung to us, trickled, plattered, sounded, echoed and rolled over.
Ana Kravanja, the painter, kindly helped us to make dolls from flowers and forest material.
Musician Samo Kutin introduced how to build homemade kamenofon (stone percussions instruments made from marble), balunofone (brass instruments made from plastic tubes), ektare (single string instruments), kazuje (singing instruments), clarinet made from straws and more. When the instruments were crafted, partially guided free improvisation led us to create our own sounds and music.