Sustainable future or science fiction? 

YOUTH EXCHANGE, asociatia urma, IASI (ROMANIA), 6. - 16. NOVEMBER 2014

5 enthusiastic Slovenes took on a ten days journey to Romania within the framework of Erasmus plus youth exchange. Journey was set to south-eastern part of the country, Iasa, the university city of Romania. First two days we were getting acquainted with participants of youth exchange from Italy, Slovakia and Romania. Through the game City Quest and guided tour we were given a great presentation of the city and its open minded inhabitants. In the evenings we seized the opportunity and experienced the city and its night life by ourselves. On the third day was planned the implementation of the programme on the topic SF - Science Fiction or Sustainable Future? I was studying ecology, so I was more and more interested in the environmental impact of sustainable development. I was astonished about diversified knowledge of participants of the programme, which was, as I delighted figured out, perfectly complementary with each other.  We spent the following days taking part in various activities, conversations, lectures, exchanging roles, expressing arguments in discussions about different aspects of sustainable development and playing games that were boosting the mood, when necessary. We informed ourselves about three pillars of sustainable development - social, economic and environmental. We discussed the measurements of the European Union, visited eco-houses, became knowledgeable about examples of social entrepreneurship; examined our role and possible solutions for the future. In ten days we have built strong connections to each other as a group, furthermore we learnt a great deal from each other. Our special thanks went to brilliant organisers, as they carried out the entire programme skilfully and smoothly. Well structured and accurately planned programme ensured group coherence. Every single day I had the opportunity to take part in activities jointly with all other participants and in the evenings we socialized after the conclusion of the daily programme. There were also planned two international evenings where we got acquainted with traditional food and music typical for partnership countries including the beauties of Slovakia, Slovenia, Italy and Romania. We also visited jazz concert, danced and had fun lasting late into the night. Experiencing this lovely town was beyond my expectations. We expressed our deeply gratitude to Terra Vera organisation for making effort in connecting to other exchange youth organisers and giving us the opportunity for this magnificent experience. I can’t wait for the next cooperation!

Nina Erbida,
20.12.2014, Medvode