Youth cooperation in the field of refugees

The project aims to facilitate high school and university students to collaborate in an active and creative process jointly with asylum seekers, refugees, and vice versa. The successful implementation of the project the year before proves that migrants, refugees and  asylum seekers generate knowledge, talents and skills to new cultural environments, which at given adequate support represent a magnificent contribution to the society. This time we would like to connect those asylum seekers and refugees who brought to Slovenia experiences, knowledge, talents and have the ambition and desire to work with students of vocational and technical programmes, university students and young people having interest working with the target group, but are not involved in the process of formal education. Accompanied by mentors’ support we stimulate cooperation and common creation of prototypes of handicraft products, which make space for intercultural dialogue, facilitate personal contact between people of different cultures and raise the awareness about the newcomers’ contribution to the development of society, moreover foster an open, inclusive society and social solidarity. Project aims to promote creative plus working potential of young people and asylum seekers/ refugees as two of several vulnerable groups that are – lately – becoming increasingly burdened with coercive social passivity.