The aim of the project was to spread the awareness among pupils of the last triade in primary schools and high school students about the positive contribution of refugees/ migrants to the cultural heritage of the new environment through interactive workshops.

Societies could benefit from migrations, considerably much more than lose. With active involvement in a broad range of areas, refugees contributed in a way, which is nor smaller nor bigger than the contribution of other fellow citizens. The refugees’ impacts were thematically related to current themes being discussed at school subjects. Activities were planned in classrooms as well as outside school for example at festivals and workshops within the framework of cultural institutions.

Students were developing social skills, a sense of justice and empathy in correlation to migrants’ and refugees’ issues, particularly through personal stories of the agents. In connection to workshops we put great emphasis on the artistic/craft expressions and exchange of knowledge and skills, because the language of creation was the main factor – it was universally understandable to all, it joined people, inspired them and touched individuals on their most personal level.