Our mission


Terra Vera Association for Sustainable Development has started as initiative of socially critical group of young people during the global crisis. We feel the need to create opportunities for interpersonal solidarity, integration, care for the environment and ethical economy. We foster the development of human potential in the field of sustainable management in rural areas, the social inclusion of vulnerable groups (especially refugees, migrants, Roma, unemployed youth, rural women) and cultural and ethnic minorities, the creation of new forms of cooperation and interest of integration between people and contributing to a higher quality of life in local communities. We develop innovative programs in the field of sustainable management, non formal learning, social inclusion, media education, craft and ethical entrepreneurship. We are engaged in the development and promotion of of fair trade, responsible tourism and social entrepreneurship. At the same time we are constantly committed to research, field work and awareness raising. Through various methods we encourage self-organization, use of local resources and sustainable management. We are agents of knowledge-share on all levels, from small local initiatives to academia, from municipal authorities to social entrepreneurship.  

What’s On


AKUPARA: Incubator of Handicrafts, Social Cooperative and Cultural Production with Migrants and Refugees

In November 2018, Terra Vera Association started the project Akupara: The Incubator of Handicrafts, Social Cooperatives and Cultural Productions which is intended for immigrants and refugees. By connecting immigrants and refugees with prominent Slovene creators, we will promote methods of co-creation and exchange of skills that came to exist as a result to past and present migration.


New Roots: Migrantour intercultural walks building bridges for newcomers active participation

International migration is increasingly characterised by transnational dynamics that create strong linkages between different places and cultures and that impact, in particular, the paths and spaces of urban migration. Through www.migrantour.eu European citizens of old and new generations, tourists, students and the plain curious discover, through the words of migrants, the many secrets – large and small – unknown to even born and bred locals.


The living room

Between April and October 2017 living room was a space for creative meetings between refugees, local designers and craftsmen, who jointly crafted products in classrooms, workshops, cafes, kitchens and gardens. The products combine the great variety of the individuals’ personal creative expression, the richness of the local cultural heritage, the various techniques and ways of work.

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