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Carbon-free travel around the world


It began... on November 29, 2011, when the administrative unit of the Municipality of Krško stamped the rules of the newly established Society for Sustainable Development Terra Vera. Ever since then, together with you, we have been figuring out circus shenanigans, researching, walking, dreaming, gathering stories in urban and rural landscapes, and above all paving the way for interpersonal solidarity. By joining the European Migrantour network, we really became - a path. In fact, several paths of which you are also a part. On these routes, together with our intercultural companions from all continents of the world, we discover  influences borders and migrations on urban and rural cultural heritage. We scrape the surface of the streets and forest paths so that we can penetrate to living voices, to those that are too distant, not loud enough, or simply too different to be heard in the textbook versions of history. We live by the border and with the border, we gather chestnuts and life stories in Gorjanci and Žumberek. We also browse the streets, enter colorful shops, while enjoying dulce de leche and falafel, we dive into the distant worlds of friends who have found a new home in Slovenia. We are interested in the relationships between centers and peripheries; we are critical of the centers when they try to dominate. We believe in the power of borders. Away from trends, less famous and more dispersed, the fringes offer space (and time) for experimentation and transformation of established norms.They clear paths in the limitlessness of worlds. They are in contact with diversities.

We build nests at these intersections, and we invite you too. In the nests. On the way.


Responsible tourism

Field research

Interpretation of intercultural heritages

Borders and migration

Involvement in  co-creation


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