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On the water Migrantour, we will explore the connections of Ljubljanica and its immediate surroundings with migrations in the past and present. Rich archaeological finds bear witness to the many market connections on this waterway of cultures that runs through the city. We will get to know the backgrounds of important personalities who, in past centuries, created by the river and influenced its present-day image. At the same time, we will learn a lot more about the peculiarities of the river, about its islands, lepers, entertainment centers, fishermen and gardeners. 


from 1 to 8 persons: 80 EUR

from 9 to 20 persons: EUR 10 per person

*We also offer WHIRLS OF CULTURE as a guided tour by boat. The price of experience isit dependson from the current offer of river captains. Contact us for more information.  

Together we will explore:



The mysterious islands of Ljubljanica



Lives of river nomads



Lives of river nomads

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