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We will start our journey through intercultural Ljubljana at the Ljubljana City Market. How do the produce and products from the stalls taste when prepared in the Arabic way? Where did the culinary explorations take the poet Valentin Vodnik? Does the Ljubljana dragon have relatives in the myths and tales of the Middle East? Could falafel be connected to the Non-Aligned Movement? We will find out all this and more on the journey of 1001 stories of Trubarjeva, an experience that will satisfy all the senses.  



od 1 to 8 persons: 80 EUR

od 9 to 20 persons: EUR 10 per person

*Trubarjeva's 1001 stories optionally include tasting snacks from the Middle Easta, Africa, South America and other parts of the world that can be found on Trubarjeva cesta. The price of the additional offer je depends on the current situation of local providers. Contact us for more information. 

Together we will explore:

Stories of artists who came to Ljubljana from the countries of the former Yugoslavia

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What does za'atar smell like and what does cardamom go best with?


What kind of landscapes do saleswomen and cooks, hairdressers and photographers from the bars of Trubarjeve cesta remember? 




What does the poetry of asylum homes sound like?

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