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Migrantour is a European network whose main goal is to show the richness of cultural diveristy in Europe. Through intercultural walks, companions from intercultural community tell the story of the city from their perspective. Migrant-driven, Ljubljana migrantour addresses influences of migration on Ljubljana's cultural heritage, past and present. It helps connect people born in Ljubljana, migrant citizens and tourists to each other and to the city. 

In other words, a 'classic tour'.  A walk in which Ljubljana becomes a tangle of paths that connect us at every step with worlds beyond our horizon. 

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On a dreamy and adventurous voyage along the Ljubljanica, the 'river of cultures', we will realize that water always finds a way. Anywhere. Everywhere.  


We will follow smells and tastes to all corners of the world. Trubarjeva cesta will become our museum and a modern gallery at the same time. Hana will mix tabbouleh, a smell of roasted coffee will invited us to Osman's store, a little further on, Francesco will pull a delicious pinsa from the oven. Their stories will come alive, while we will take a walk across them. 


With special techniques that Camilo developed especially for this journey, we will dive into the bowels of the city and get to know it from there, from the inside out. No matter where we come from, we will become foreigners on the way home. Will we really come back?


Željeni sprehod

Thanks for signing up :). We are glad that you will travel with us through the many worlds of Ljubljana.

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