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Krakovski gozd navodila

The ancient Krak Forest is, quite literally, a miraculous cleansing space. One of the most important Slovenian wetlands is the sponge of the landscape, which absorbs water, stores and purifies it. This provides an ideal habitat for many animals and plants that are considered endangered. At the right time and with a bit of luck, we can look at crimson marsh tulips, or be surprised by a blue-colored frog - a water frog. We will not meet the black stork, unlike its white relative, it is too shy. But we will hear the singing of countless birds that make up the soundscape of the forest. We will discover the mossy paths of the boundless kingdom of old oak, white hornbeam and black alder. We will cross wooden footbridges that lead over water channels. And in between, perhaps, bathed in a mysterious hot spring. 


We will not only 'learn' about the Kraków Forest, but we will also become part of the mighty landscape through which we walk. We will slow down the rhythm of our walk, measure our words more moderately and treat ourselves to a stop for a 'forest bath'. Through some mindfulness exercises, we will deepen the sensory experience of the forest and connect with the living creatures in it. We will calm down and feel that we are part of something bigger. Something that strengthens. It soothes and heals.    


Ressl's path through the Kraków Forest is 8 kilometers long. Kraków Forest is often flooded, so we recommend waterproof hiking shoes or rain boots. It is most beautiful in early spring, when the treetops are still bare and the ground is strewn with all kinds of flowers. But even autumn has its own charm. In the summer, unfortunately, everything is full of mosquitoes, so long sleeves and pants are recommended. 



od 1 to 8 persons: 80 EUR

od 9 to 20 persons:10 EUR per person

Together we will explore:
Krakovski gozd močvirje


After whom was the name of Gostilna Žolnir and what does Kraków Forest have in common with a ship's screw?

Krakovski gozd spomladi


Are there carnivorous plants among the inhabitants of the forest?

Krakovski gozd drevesa


How do trees make friends?

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