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Street performer and clown Camilo Acosta Mendoza came to Ljubljana from Bogota, Colombia. His immigrant story is imprinted on the streets of Ljubljana and is fatally connected to the small elements of the city that an inattentive resident would not have noticed. Through Camil's stories and with the help of creative performative techniques, we will slow down the flow of the city bustle and embody the experience of a newcomer. A stump there, a forgotten shaft here, a stalled construction site a little further on will be like rabbit holes through which one can see into other times and places and sometimes into space. 



from 1 to 8 persons: 80 EUR

od 9 to 20 persons: EUR 10 per person

Together we will explore:



How to find your inner hologram?

Stories of artists who came to Ljubljana from the countries of the former Yugoslavia




What lies hidden in the cracks of the city?




How to dive deep below the surface of the streets?

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