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On the 'classic' Migrantour walk around Ljubljana, we will follow the footsteps of minorities, communities and individuals, those who in different periods came 'from elsewhere' and inspired, enriched and shaped the (inter)cultural heritage of the city. Where did the surgeon, ethnologist, mountaineer and owner of the most interesting collection of crystals come from? Which world-famous composer lived in Ljubljana? What is the story of the Russian actress who found a new home in Ljubljana just a few years after the October Revolution?  

We will dive into the depths of the centuries and capture the air of a living intercultural scene, the one that is here and now. The planet will shrink and the view will expand. 



from 1 to 8 persons: 80 EUR

od 9 to 20 persons: EUR 10 per person

Together we will explore:

What traces did creators from the countries of the former Yugoslavia leave on the streets, squares, bridges and buildings?




What is a 'kufeltaich'?


What do doctors, peddlers, brewers and bankers have in common?

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